Stir something deep in your soul

Wonderful views and a stroll to the Loch. Steeped in history and full of modern comforts. Fishing, shooting, walking and golf courses galore. All in the perfect Highlands location.

The only castle on the shores of Loch Ness

Be stirred by candlelit halls. By the turrets and nooks that witnessed the execution of a thousand dirty deeds. By the thought of lairds called to feast by the skirl of the pipes.

Imagine straining your eyes for Nessie over a late wee dram. At Aldourie Castle, you and your 27 guests can do it all in the cradle and bosom of exquisite luxury, before the homely warmth of blazing logs and by the gentle lapping tide of Loch Ness.

This is the Scottish castle that’s whatever you wish: the house party from heaven, the wedding venue of myth and fable, the family reunion never to be forgotten.

Within its walls, you’ll come together in sumptuous grandeur and perfect solitude. Outside, you’ll lose yourself in acres imbued with history. You’ll leave, but you’ll take a piece of Aldourie with you.

Enjoy majestic living spaces

Explore room upon room of soft furnishings and historic artefact, and if you take a sneaky peek out the window you are in the prime spot to catch a glimpse at the elusive Loch Ness Monster.

Enjoy majestic living spacesEnjoy majestic living spacesEnjoy majestic living spacesEnjoy majestic living spaces
Dine in splendourDine in splendourDine in splendourDine in splendour

Dine in splendour

Or grab a bite in the nursery kitchen

Aldourie Castle is fitted with a commercial galley kitchen, with pantry, storage and cold rooms, whether you are a food lover and want to try your hand in the kitchen, or you are having caterers, our space is perfect for all occasions.

The second floor of the Castle is also fitted with a Nursery Kitchen, an ideal backdrop for creating a meal for smaller groups, and a fantastic area to get the youngsters stuck into the cooking.

Regal bedrooms

Aldourie Castle has fifteen individually designed bedrooms. Regal four-posters, draped in luxurious velvet and delicate lace. Grand, comfortable double rooms. Quaint and characterful single rooms, brimming with charm.

Nine of the bedrooms are on the first floor of the Castle and a further six on the second floor. Each room is styled with classic Edwardian furniture, with a hint of Scottish eccentricity. Spend your first hours at Aldourie exploring the towers and turrets of the Castle and find the bedroom that’s perfect for you.

Regal bedrooms Regal bedrooms Regal bedrooms Regal bedrooms
What people say

What people say

"I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a weekend more than the one you had just given us at Aldourie… the memory of which I think will always stay with me" - Digby Harris
"It is hard to know where to start… to be able to express quite how wonderful our weekend at Aldourie was... a wonderfully unique, totally comfortable fabulous retreat… who could ever want for more" - Dominique and Sophie
"I cannot thank you enough for making the weekend so spectacular and special… and most of all, the weekend made my brother James so happy. You can’t imagine how delighted that made me" - Alex Datnow
"I don’t think I have ever stayed in such splendour and certainly never come across such an exciting bath/shower combination" - William Nichol

No need to hunt for a good time

You’ll search hard for Nessie, but finding fun should be easy. Make a splash at the aquadome, sail, walk, go kayaking or gorge walking, storm some stunning castles. And bring your golf clubs.

No need to hunt for a good time No need to hunt for a good time No need to hunt for a good time No need to hunt for a good time